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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 9AM  ABC  May 20, 2011 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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welcome to good morning maryland at 9 i am megan pringle. >> i am charley crowson. >> black eyed susan day all about the ladies today. we will check in with sherrie johnson live. we have a incredible story and are grateful the family came in today and brought their son luke and they have an inspiring storey. they went through what a lot of couples go through with the trouble of fertility. and who is and now the life of a beautiful child. so, we are grateful we are here and we are hear their story and we will introduce you to baby luke. >> fun watching you and linda so hanging out with the family and spending time with them
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before the show. so certainly look forward to hearing from them. >> normally the pet of the week gets the attention when the pet comes n but luke got the attention. but the pet of the week is here. daisy. >> daisy will be mere a chihuahua pug mix. got something else in there as well. a cutie and loves having her belly rub but aileen came in bearing gifts. >> how sweet is she. she -- i told her i was worried about my dogs and the arrival of the twins in the fall and brought in a baby sounds cd so i am anxious to hear what they sound like. so we will get a listen of that and she brought a book and baby maybe four in our case pick aies makes six because we have two dogs and two babies. we will check this out. i appreciate it because we are worried -- worried about. >> do you have cravings? >> no. >> anything out of ordinary? >> i eat more. popsicles. i have fallen in love with them. >> if you like the great burger
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mark is next door in the kitchen. >> good. >> getting ready for grilling ideas if you want to spend the spring and summer months out there on the open flame, got great tips for the perfect burger if you are craving something like that. >> and lots of people crave burgers any time. first we want to get to today's hot topic. this is one that charley and i have been talking about all morning long. many of us trying to stretch our dollar in the tough economic times. but you could be wasting your money every day and not know it or think about it. that's according to a new report by cnn so, amonth biggest money wasteers, the atm. if you don't use your own bank'satm you spend as much as 5 bucks in fees every time you use it out of network atm. and if you do that, ten times a month that equals 600 dollars a year. and also on the list, charley one you are guilty of. >> i have been known to partake of gourmet coffee but i am make
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it at home so i don't buy it as often. >> the average person spends 8 bucks every time they visit the favorite coffee shop. other big money wasteers eating out. >> that's one you confessed to. >> i do that too much. >> unused gym memberships and buying named brand gosh ris instead of store brand because we will go in and if you see this is not to promote a specific name brand but you will see cheerios or corn flakes or you will see johnson's brats you grab them and go. >> right. >> there may be alternatives just as good and not as pricely. >> exactly. something to think about and that's today's hot topic. your two centsp we wanted it on the wmar facebook fan page we asked what do you waste your money on. and had is what we are hearing. noria admitted i did the math and found out i spend over $1,000 on online video games. >> carol says check this out. shoes, clothes, hats, purse,
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household junk if it's a sale or clearance, i am buying more stuff than i don't need. if you want to weigh in go to the official wmar facebook fan page and leave your comments. we are monitoring throughout the show and we want to hear from you on this and other discussion to i go -- topics and we will share your thoughts on this and other topics. it's 9:04. we are working to stretch your dollors and our website. all kinds of money saving tips including inexpensive ways to have fun on a budget and a frugal mom offers her tip to making household items last longer. go to the website, and there you can click on the money tab. in these times when so many families are watching their pennies, you may not realize a fortune could be parked in your driveway. the going rate for a used car is a 16-year high. that may rev up your bank account. >> reporter: that rusty wreck may be a golden opportunity.
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for larry, selling his old 2008 dodge pickup it was. >> ebought it for how much? >> 18,500. >> reporter: and how much did you sell it for. >> >> reporter: that's right a 1500 dollar. >> we didn't understand it was worth more. >> as far as the prices, you won't get a better price for your used car. >> reporter: some models are up nearly 30% since the beginning of the year. a lot of that has been fueled by the quest for cars that don't use much fuel. take for example that prius -- for example that prius a3-year- old is worth 4100 more today than on january 1st. camrys and ford focus are not far behind almost 3,000 dollars more. but it's not just fuel efficient vehicles a3-year-old ford explorer sold in 2007 for about 7100. if you sold your 3-year-old ford explorer today, twice as
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much over 14,000 dollars. >>th price is so good that dealers like alex say customers are becoming suspicious. >> and sometimes they don't believe us. he think there's something we are -- they think there's something we are trying to pull. >> reporter: shrinking supply has something to do with it. they bought 40 percent fewer used cars. and the earthquake triggered a fuel of shortages of cars and parts affecting person factories. but analyst say cash in while you can because after a 16-year high, it's one direction prices are likely to go. down. matt gutman abc news, miami. >> well someone who bought a new car. >> that's shocking. >> yeah. it is. >> it is. >> i told you countless times i bought a four runner several years ago and i am going to drive it until the wheels fell off. i am curious if it's worth more than i think of a three-year-
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old explorer was that right. >> yeah. >> 14 grand now. >> 71 to 14,000. >> yes. >> pretty incredible. >> doesn't that seem suspicious? >> >> i would be if i were car shopping and heard that. you're about to moat a couple coming up that you will think about for the rest of the day. no doubt about it. maybe even for the rest of the weekend. >> the darkest hour they never gave up hope that one day they could woo have a child. how they fought through the highest highs and lowest of lows. also, marriage, no longer useful is a question some are asking. some say no but new census numbers say think again. >> we are talking about the ways we waste our money on a daily basis. so how about saving a few extra bucks. our top five this morning, the best ways to save and it may be reverse psychology. >> but first before we go anywhere a. lot of people including aileen gabbey who is here wants to know what thel is going to be -- what the weather is going to be like and here's justin berk. >> this has been a crazy week
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and what happened here?>> a horizontal line. >> i was about to show you sog impressive. it's a possibility my computer conked out and it did. you know with that said, we will look at the light traffic on i-97. we said bye to our traffic reporter kim brown who is start agnew radio gig in dc. we will fix that computer and get it back in store. we have pictures of twisters at least funnel clouds in ann aid rud -- anne arundel county and it's worth sticking around including the weekend outlook that holds better weather in store. that and much more in a moment. [ male announcer ] are you watching cable?
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you're watching the station that works for you "good morning maryland" at nine. it's ten minutes after the hour. and getting pregnant and having baby is one of the things we all think is supposed to happen naturally. but for anyone who struggles with infertility you know how hard it can be. linda so brings us a story of a couple's painful and hopeful journey to become parents. >> reporter: lori and john were college sweethearts and started dating at virginia tech. four years later they were married and didn't wait long to start trying to have a baby. >> it's gotten out of school
9:12 am
and we were about to be stationed. >> reporter: he's pilot in the marines. trying to get pregnant between his deployments was stressful. but that was just the beginning of their problems. no matter how hard they tried, lori was not getting pregnant. >> various diagnose frizz unexplained to endough meet reowes us to pcos and no reason other than you should be but are not. >> reporter: they struggled with infertility for more than ten years. she went through a number of treatments but nothing worked. >> for lori, it was certainly felt like longer than ten years. >> reporter: they decided to adopt. but even that fell through. >> i was really got to the point which are said you know, it may not be in the cards to be a mother. >> reporter: but she gave it one more shot. the couple went to shady grove fertility to meet dr. kipperstock. >> i remember vividly being very optimistic about the ability of being able to help them. >> when he said, i think you
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are going to get pregnant. probably going tonight first try and i thought, i bet you tell everybody that. >> reporter: she did get pregnant through invitro fertilization and mine months later it was time. before leaving for the hospital, lori hung this blue stocking for her baby boy. her labor was long. and when it was not progressive, lori's doctor stepped in. >> she broke my water and i started bleeding and they immediately realized something was very, very wrong. >> reporter: lori had a rare and undetected complication matthew was born without a heartbeat. doctors were able to revive him but he needed to go to a bigger hospital. >> before they medivaced him they brought him in and at the time i really didn't realize the seriousness i just thought, oh, my family is in for drama. he is going tonight miracle baby and i just kept telling everybody he would be fineism
9:14 am
was able to reach into the -- to touch his feet and shoulder and that's all i got. >> reporter: john rushed to georgetown where matthew was being medivaced. >> when i got up there, you know met the doctors and pretty much knew that it was dira dire situation. >> reporter: the toonie fingers could only hold on for so long. baby matthew died in his daddy's arms. >> john was able to be with him as he took his last breath and was able to hold him. so he was not alone and i am eternally grateful. we have a very, very strong faith in god, and on days i couldn't breath, i know that's where it had to come from. he is not replaceable, but now we know what it feels like to be a mommy and a daddy we can't imagine not being able to feel that again. >> reporter: they found the strength to try ivf one more time may 14th last year lori found out she was pregnant.
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>> i remember dropping to my knees and being so thankful. and nine months later we had luke. >> it must be nice to lay and sleep. he is icing on the cake because he is so good and mellow and calm and sweet. just a happy, happy bush'sy. truly a blessing. >> with each baby you know i hear the news about them being delivered, or coming to this it's almost like having a new child of my own. >> >> reporter: for lori she carries one baby in her arms and the other in her heart. >> he is our restored hope and he is a miracle and every day we appreciate every single thing. so much more. >> reporter: holding onto every single minute. >> hi handsome. >> reporter: cherishing a gift that makes life so sweet. >> i love him. >> reporter: in annapolis, linda so, abc2 news. and one thing that helped
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lori and john with the processwas shady grove shared risk program. the fertility center offers 100% refund if a baby is not delivered after six ivf cycles. after the loss of matthew lori and john tried again without the financial burden. they are online communities where you can find support if you lost a bib yea -- baby grieve out lied loud and face of lost are two air crass to connect with other families that lost a child megan. >> thanks. the family joins us to talk about loss, life and beautiful gorgeous luke the miracle baby. thanks so much for coming in. >> thank you for having us. thank you we are honored. >> the story has a happy ending but it's tough to watch. what do you think when you see your story? >> like reliving it. >> we are able to see things we weren't able to see when we lostmatthew and look back with
9:17 am
gratitude and know that really dark days -- we were able to come out with some restored hope. >> yeah. and this gorgeous child who is really such a sweet baby. >> he is. we -- he is starting to come into his own off you list because he is dancing around. but he is is just happy and milliono and calm and a miracle and a blessing. >> i think linda put it beautifully and he imagine you feel this way, one child you arecarrying in your arms and the other in the heart. >> we always have matthew and we are grateful we get to -- get to raise his baby brother. >> i want to get your thoughts on this just the outlet for that grief where you go. a lot of people feel not only you know with lose being a child but fertility issues it's very isolated. >> infertility is just, you know, it's scary and unknown is
9:18 am
terrifying. and you think you've beaten it and you lose your child, and you truly feel alone and there's so many amazing women online community, blog i blog and faces of loss and grieve out loud and there are organization as community of women who know what it's like. and as much as someone likes to sympathize unless you've been there it's hard to know. so, just tree tremendous support. >> what's your blog about? >> it started when we began adopting. lori does maryland, and that fell through unfortunatelych the country closed and -- unfortunatelych the country closed and -- unfortunately. the country closed and we did ivf and people were interested. and they wanted to see it i wanted to document and it turned into something people followed and when luke was born, we had a 2,000 hits that day because everybody wanted to see this guy. >> of course they did. >> yeah. >> so aftermath you pkd away it
9:19 am
picked up -- picked up quite a few more people that could relate. and so now it's just our way of remembering our children honoring our children and sharing so one day when luke grows up, he will be able to know how much he was loved and how much his brother was loved and what we have been through our family story. >> now the -- we are looking at the website if you are watching at home. one of the other things mentioned after the story was shared risk for people who are not familiar with that. what is that? i think the eye deaf ivf scarce people because of the cost. >> i -- idea of ivf scares people because of the cost. >> it's a substantial burden if you didn't have the hope of walking away with a child at the end of it, then, putting that kind of money down is daunting. so. >> it was the main reason we decide -- we were blessed in that we were stationed-- he was stationed in a area to go to shady grove, the largest
9:20 am
fertility clinic in the country but shared risk was the roon i did it. was not willing to put down money for significant didn't feel like they were confident in. and so the program we went to for expertise and guarantees, but we got so much compassion and support and caring. our doctors you know that was extra. it was -- when our doctor said if you were my wife or daughter i would do this. and when someone treats you like family. >> it makes a difference. >> it does. >> walking through the door, she turned to me and said that is company that is for profit so if they didn't think it's a chance then, there's no chance for us and obviously we found out it was more than a business. >> absolutely. >> they treated us. >> like family. >> your family is beautiful and you handle it with so much grace. and i appreciate you coming in to talking about so hard and has beautiful ending. so thanks so much. >> thank you for having us.
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>> we wish your family well. thanks for coming in luke, you are the star of the show. >> all right. stay with us. we will be right back.
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this is daisy. she is a 3-year-old chug they's
9:24 am
ay chaw chaw -- chihuahua and pug mixed. >> she is sweet. up for adoption at the maryland spca. i never heard chug. >> that's what it is. a decyber dog. >> there you go. -- designer dog. >> there you go. >> aileen gabbey is with us bringing in the pet of the week. daisy, how did you come to end with up daisy. >> we took her in from another shelter. we have a transport program where we help other shelters and she is part of that and is available today. >> ready to go right now. so one of the things we noticed when she was here during the break was she likes being rubbed on the back. >> she does. she is fun and has a lot of energy and seems like she has baby theme going. so megan did mention that we have some items for her. >> this is great because a lot of people have questions when they are going to integrate a child into a house or it has a dog. and that could be a difficult
9:25 am
thing because the dog adjust like people. >> the dog has been the baby and then there's a new person in the life. prepare the dog ahead of time. there's lots of things to do. and what i like about this book is that it is try metic by try met -- trimetic by trimester by -- try met are by try -- trimester by trimester. >> this is getting the sound of the child in the home and getting the pest used to them. >> you can rin -- n and getting the pet used to them. >> you can get a toy baby or baby doll and walk around the house with it to get your dog used to the idea there's something new going on. a lot of the things you can do well ahead of time and i just your dog and you might want to cut back on the time you spend with him as sad as that sound because when baby comes, there
9:26 am
won't be as much time for him. >> describe that if you would. a lot of people may have questions as to what he gag -- what's going on with the pet. you said for so long the dog was the baby. but, kind of the associative way the dog is getting used to the new member of the family. but in some instans it's as big as the puppy. >> to be stressful and you want to associate good things with the baby. if the baby is in the room you don't want to banish the dog. you could get a kong or a toy your dog loves and maybe stuff it with treats or peanut butter and while nursing the baby or changing a diaper, give your dog something special so he associate good things with the baby not banishment and he has attention, but it's not as intense as it used to be. >> you got an event going on tonight. >> wine and wag. >> at spca. >> maryland spca. check our website. >> come get daisy. >> she is itching to go home.
9:27 am
>> exactly. that home could be with you. thanks so much. >> thank you. >> megan. that's one cuddlely happy dog. thanks. some think it's an idea whose time has come and gone. but, we may want to think again. coming up census information about marriage. who is getting married and are they staying together. we are going to check in live this morning from black eyed susan day. today it's all about the ladies. >> we are gingerly taking steps to make sure this is working for you. i wanted to show you this. please come tower tv. stop -- come to your tv. stop what you are doing. glen burnie at 3:50. watch this cloud formation right there. i have never in 13 must years of working with weather bug seen a distinct funnel cloud like that right in the middle of the screen. didn't touchdown. but there was big hail with that storm in glen burnie yesterday. and it blew through with hefty rain for localized flooding and that is not a funnel cloud but
9:28 am
a scud cloud that forms on the edge of the storms but it pools and trickels out. another band out of harrisburg and york and reaching along the p.a. line. there's sunshine, south of annapolis, what happens as we go through the day? more showers and storms, 75. we will talk about that preakness forecast for the rest of the weekend in a moment. please, stick around.
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now "good morning maryland" at nine. preakness week is coming to an end with of course tomorrow being the big day. the 136th running of the preakness. but yesterday, it was all about the crabs. they were doing the racing at lexington market. it was the 21st annual celebrity blue crab derby and our very own kelly swoope was there. her crab came in second place crossing the finish line second after the baltimore's rob caspers. the preakness is a day away. you can feel the excitement on old hilltop. but before the second jewel of the triple crown, many of the ladies will be racing today at pimlico. and sherrie johnson is live
9:32 am
there and joins us from pimlico with a look at black i'd susan day. sherrie. >> reporter: yes, we are here for the 136th running of the preakness. look at the barn section. look at that. isn't that horse beautiful? this is the area where they are walking the horses and letting them get exercise here this morning. but like you said, the event kicks off tomorrow but today, it is black eyed susan day and about the ladies. the gates are open and the first race is at noon today post time for the black eyed susan is 4:46 this afternoon. some retired female jockies will return for a second year for the leg edged for a cure. money raised from this event will support the susan g komen foundation to raise awareness for breast cancer. and a little later today, you can get an autograph from your favorite jockey. they will be in the grandstand at about 10:15 and the excitement i got to tell you is building for the preakness stakes. you can feel it in the air around here. the gates open on saturday for the preakness at 8 a.m.
9:33 am
the first race starts at 10:45 and post time for the preakness is 6:19 p.m. and again, we are standing here by the barn. we are admiring the beautiful horses. here comes another one. they just look absolutely beautiful. they are getting ready for their race tomorrow. look at that. just gorgeous. and you know what, they are so confident they know they are important. they know they are important. so, it's wonderful. everybody is so excited. and i am hearing that the ticket sales are actually up this year. so, ready for an exciting time tomorrow. reporting live at pimlico, sherrie johnson. >> thanks a lot. news time is 9:33. back to your two cents on the hot topic. ten things we may be wasting our money on including atm fees and gourmet coffee and the whatnot eating out, so the official wmar facebook fan page we are asking you this morning, what is it you are wasting your money on and we asked politely. be honest. now we are out in the information center looking at
9:34 am
your responses on the facebook fan page and some are pedestrian. turk says simply beer and chick- fil-a. both are pretty good on a weekend. jen says take out through drive throughs and jim says beer as well. bob bottled water and shannon alcohol and the one down here that is actually one i think we can relate to, the extra items here and there when going through target when you should only be going in for just one thing. things i think we are all guiltyof. but a lot of eating out and food, and extracurricular activities and things we often know we don't need but can't stop getting them anyway. if you want to weigh in on this or other discussion topics, fee freely. we are looking at it all the time at abc2. we will share your thoughts on this throughout the course of the show. megan. >> all right. thanks. now to another topic everybody seems to be talking about lately. today there is news that arnold schwarzenegger has decided to put his return to acting on
9:35 am
hold as he continues to deal with the private scandal and breakup of his marriage with maria shriver. aid story that's been grabbed by headlines all week. and there's another very different headline. this time it's about marriage itself. and as andrea canny tell us, the headline is welcome. >> reporter: arnold schwarzenegger bombshell revelation, another marriage breaking apart. the latest in a long line of high-profile splits. but before you say i don't, a hopeful trend from the census bureau. longer lasting marriages are on the rise. >> americans shouldn't be confused by the marital misadventures of elite in hollywood and washington. in fact, we are seeing in the country is that marital stability is up in most of america and that is good news. >> reporter: you can see the difference in just a decade. three out of four couples who married in the 1990s were still together after 10 years. up 3% compared to those who
9:36 am
tied the knot in the 1980s. america's divorce rate stands at nearly 4 in 10 marriages failing. but the trends are improving. couples today are not only marrying later, they tend to be more educated and more economically secure. >> in the 1970s, the introduction of women in the work force caused friction in couples that's -- as they figured out who would do what today there's less. >> married 15 second or so how does it feel. >> amazing. right? it's amazing. yeah. >> reporter: and how about the extra bonus that couples are staying married longer. >> i think that's fantastic. you know i think that's really true. we know what we want, you know, and we know we will be together the rest of our lives. >> reporter: and now happily ever after is making a comeback. andrea canning, abc news, new york. >> see there's hope there. >> there's a lot of hope when it comes to marriage and staying together and some
9:37 am
choosing to forgo marge altogether and live happily. i am a huge fan of it. >> i will a big advocate for marriage. >> me too. we have told you and you have told us ways to waste money. what about saving money? >> coming up, we will talk about wasting it, so five top five ways you may be able to save a buck especially when you go to the grocery store. >> plus the good buddy mark is in the house this morning. he is in studio b with great tips for grilling the perfect burger. >> mapiest -- happiest man in maryland. we will join him in a bit. see the world in hd
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with breathtaking clarity and incredible comfort. introducing purevision2 contact lenses from bausch and lomb. made with innovative hd optics for amazing detail... they're the only lenses with comfortmoist, so they stay comfortable hour after hour after hour. for crystal-clear vision, even in low light. visit for a free trial pair and see your world in hd. purevision2 from bausch and lomb.
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it's time for today's birthday. happy birthday if it's your birthday or you are celebrating this weekend. a special happy birthday to alisa kelly. your mom and dad and two brothers wanted to wish you a very happy birthday. and they told to us tell you they love you. what a great picture. >> and this is john from woodstock. this little one turns one today. tomorrow rather and megan, he is a special one to us here at good morning maryland. >> our youngest viewer e watches "good morning maryland" happy birthday and enjoy the one year cake. dive into it. with both hands. >> the picture of the day from jane. and that's the 5-year-old jack
9:41 am
russell terrier pinky who is excited about the release of the pirates of the caribbean movie. >> pinky is looking excited or get me out of this? >> a big fan of captain jack sparrow. >> very cute. if you have a birthday or interesting photo and want to us put it on the air, tell us and the it can be pets anniversaries our picture of the day. send it to morning show at include all the facts behind the picture so we can pass it along to everybody else. >> a lot of events going on this weekend we want to tell you about. >> i got an e-mail from patty and she is wanting people to go to stand up to cancer. it's a night that benefits leukemia and lymphoma society. so tomorrow night, head over there to the baltimore comedy factory over at power plant live. and they will have a night all the benefits will be towards leukemia and lymphoma. we want to give you a number and also an adross pass around.
9:42 am
301-5 -- 35 of -- 356 and we are trying to get it up on the screen because it's easier to look at screen than listen to me. but baltimore comedy and there it is stand up to cancer night benefiting leukemia and lymphoma. patty's daughter is a survivor of leukemia. her gorgeous little girl olivia. so go support the cause. it's a great event. and call that number if you want a ticket. >> and my event is one you've been to and it's our first trip out wine in the woods in columbia. saturday and sunday noon to 6 in symphony woods. for more information, wine in the and you've been and said it was a much god -- must go for arianna and i. >> yes and hopefully the weather will be night so let's send it over to meteorologist justin berk. >> i want to put you in a good mood. when we look back at yesterday week look at photos sent in from jim who takes a phenomenal amount of incredible photos of weather across the area
9:43 am
throughout the year. this one looks blurred out with the water brush. the air brush. mother nature at full work with the pallet. yesterday the storm that blow through. jim followed and he was on the edge of intense heavy rain bands. some places saw the two inches of rain and large hail. and some places saw this perry hall you have local flooding. how about that rainbow. that one from alisa. and let's see one more rainbow shot, double in fullerton. hopefully you can see the top where the bottom arch, the outside color is red and the colors are reversed on the other arch. all right. will we see rainbows today? maybe with storms and we have an incredible look for the weekend and next week. so stick around. the forecast is straight ahead.
9:44 am
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we want to go back to your two cents on today's hot topic. the ten thanks we seem to waste our money on. one example a testimony m fees. we have the story posted on the wm-ar facebook fan page and we asked you what do you waste your money on? tell us. we would love to know. we asked you and here on the facebook fan page a lot of you are weighing in. we are seeing a lot of bottled water and alcohol on the list. plus a. lot of eating out. one person wrote going out to eat makeup drum paraphernalia and toys. that comes from debra.
9:47 am
chrissy writes in gallons of chick-fil-a sweet tea and kim writes taxes. so we would love to know what you think. just tell us head to the wmar facebook fan page and keep the comments coming we want to know what you think and we will share them throughout the morning's show. all right. averagey panky and -- hankie panky and plenty of it. one of the hot topics on sunday on square off. as always, richard sher is here with the preview. richard, good morning. >> how about the averagey panky megan -- hankie panky megan? looks like there's so much more scandalous information about the unfaithful california governor arnold schwarzenegger. we know about one baby with a household staff and what's next? what about sodomy charges and other sex charges against this guy the former head of the international monetary fund. fabulous dom ic. >> strauss-kahn is in trouble. and is there such a thing as sexual addiction? or is that just a cop out.
9:48 am
and another topic gasoline. senator ben cardin wants to end subsidies for the big oil companies. do you? here's our panel coming up on sunday. tom marr sheila dixon dana decarlo and david modell and listen to this charley. we will pick the winner of our weekend for two at harrh's and we will announce the winner sunday on abc2 and a happy preakness. throwing it to you charley. here you go ready, go. >> one studio over. thanks. we are in the kitchen this morning with our man mark getting ready for a great day out on the grill. because it's spring and summer. we have got to get out on the grill because what is it about a man and open plame. >> i don't know. they may never cook in the house but for sure he is the master of the domain of the outdoor grill and we can't be outside so we brought the outdoor grill indoors with the cast iron stove top. >> one going and two done for us taste test a bit.
9:49 am
but we have to start with the meat and you showed us when we walk out this morning, don't buy bad beef. >> yes. i think that's the most critical point of making a great burger. two things. don't overhandel it and bitebest beef. and i will show everybody. i like to use ground chuck and this is ground chuck and it was at 3.59 a pound. this was ground beef store made at 3.79 and beautiful and red on the outside but when you turn it around and look, you can see this is top. they took older what appears to be older ground beef and covered it up with fresh look beef, and so there you have it. the interesting thing is on the two packages, i bought this last night. this says sell by tomorrow, and this is what is modified atmosphere packaging. no oxygen is in here and it has hydrogen but has a sell by date of june 20th you have a-- june 6th. you have a better product in the end. if you want the absolute best
9:50 am
burger. >> i want to ask you because this is going top shelf. >> this is how you do it. if you care about the burger, go to the store and buy a piece of chuck roast. you buy the piece you like with the right amount of fat and so forth and you ask the bucher to grind that quarter inch grind. this is 3/16 and we are looking for quarter inch and when i say about handling it. keep your warm hands off it. get the meat as cold as you can and we will turn it back around so we have the right meat on the right side. when you take a piece of this ground beef, you get the chuck and -- you get the chuck. >> it didn't happen by accident. >> okay. no. that's wrong. >> that's wrong. >> put it on a cool surface and you want to pat it into your hand a little bit like this. and form that burger. you understand? so you -- it will adhere to the counter and take it. >> i went wrong. >> yes. because now your burger will be like a baseball and mine will be flat as you can see here. >> that's why he is a pro.
9:51 am
>> scoop it up with a knife and place it on the grill. >> two minutes left. we are going from here to here. now many assuming this is the chuck not the beef? this is a ground -- >> this is a ground beef burger i figured -- you never salt the meat until it is cooked. >> this is a wonderful tip. it's no clue. >> if you salt ahead of time it pulls moisture out and mace it -- be makes it dry and tough. you pepper it pepper it while it's raw but you don't want to salt it until after you flip it. two big things i like to do with a burger before i serve is worst sheer and soy source so a little soy souse on the top it's okay if it runs on the grill. and a little worst sure sauce and that makes the perfect burger. when aisles come to. >> you flip. >> as you -- when it comes to. >> when you flip. >> evenly because you want it
9:52 am
on all surfaces but you don't want the salt on the inside of the burger. >> 60 seconds. >> 60 second. grab the burgers and we can bring it home. i didn't know if you likeed bacon. >> i like it all. >> me too. fresh toe nato and on -- tomato and onions. chap cheddar and monster and pepper jack too. i cooked bacon this mork. but trite difference and i have marked them so i know which is what. >> last time we did this. >> no. >> it was a april fool's. >> no. >> we will get it ready. >> these are just burgers and nothing else. it's the meat and heat and seasoning. >> we got 30 seconds left we will go to the taste test during the break. and come back to wrap it it up one more check of the forecast and you have them marked and i will do a blind taste test. >> that's the idea. but you can keep your eyes open. >> really? >> i swear. >> we are going to do this on june 11th. >> chesapeake cans are alliance in one of the homes we will be cook the recipes we have done in the past. people should say hello,.
9:53 am
>> one more check of the forecast and top five. best ways to save money. good morning maryland at nine returns. i will hang out in the kitchen with mark.
9:54 am
9:55 am
temperatures holding around
9:56 am
60. low 60s herech the sun is trying to slip through -- here. the sun is trying to slip through the cloud. winds from the north. a southerly flow p new england giving them -- flow. new england giving them a warm flow. this may drift back to the p.a. line heading through the next couple hours. we are looking at a cloud line south of baltimore. so sun in southern maryland and we will charge up the atmosphere with scattered showers and thunderstorms. could be hail and locally heavy rain producers but as widespread as we have had. a knot of energy may dive down at out of p.a. and northeastern maryland and baltimore and preakness and on the edge of that. 75 today partly cloudy skies a few thunderstorms popping up and some could contain downpours and any thunderstorm has dangerous lightning and there's a possibility of hail because there's cold air up there. doesn't take much to get the push and the stuff going. patchy fog 55 overnight. preakness mostly dry and isolated thundershower. and 80, 83 sunday and early next week we should stay for the most part in to the 80s.
9:57 am
it will feel like springs and thunderstorms not as numerous aswhat we were dealing with. >> that's a big burger, man. >> you go ahead and talk. >> you read the next five. >> this? i called in the top five last time. mark has made burgers for everyone. and he has tips for you on what you think about with turkey if you want the turkey route. >> spending of tips we -- speak of tips we thought about way -- speaking of tips, whoa thought we would give you ways to save money. >> make a list before going shopping. >> yeah. >> you keep eking number 3 brown bag your lunch at least a few days a week. number 2, make your own coffee. >> number one get mark to make you a burger. >> that's the way to save money. or cook at home often. or get mark to cook. >> or become friends with mark and have him cook for you because he's an excellent cook. >> have a great day we are back
9:58 am
on monday. have great weekend. >> see you. [ male announcer ] are you paying more and more for cable and enjoying it less and less? stop paying for second best. upgrade to verizon fios and get tv, internet and phone
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